Washington University School of Medicine has policies in place regarding Expert Witness and Fact Witness testimony.  All faculty, when hired, sign the Affirmation which is accessed through the Learn at Work website found on the main portal page after logging in on the HRMS website:  https://wuissrv20.wustl.edu/psp/HRMS/?cmd=login.

Please note the following:

You are required to contact the Office of Risk Management prior to providing a fact witness deposition.  Fact witness depositions are used to obtain testimony from treating physicians regarding their care of a particular patient.  The Office of Risk Management will arrange for an attorney to represent you during your deposition.  Please review the Fact Testimony Policy (link below) before your deposition is scheduled.

You may not serve as an expert witness on cases in which WUSM provided any medical care to the patient involved in the lawsuit. Please review the Expert Testimony Policy (link below) prior to your engagement.

You are required to comply with the Clinical Conflict of Interest Policy and the Consulting Privileges Policy (link below) when providing legal consulting for pharma/industry.

More information

If you have questions regarding Expert Witness or Fact Witness testimony, contact Risk Management by phone at (314) 362-6956 or e-mail Dawn Pesti, Director of Risk Management, at pestid@wustl.edu.

If you have questions regarding the Conflict of Interest Policy, please contact Laura Howard at howardl@wustl.edu or (314) 747-0859.

The policies and education tools for legal consulting are linked below:

Expert Witness Testimony Policy

Fact Testimony Policy

WUSM Clinical Conflict of Interest Policy

Consulting Privileges Policy